Volatile organic compounds measurement by infrared spectroscopy, a patented technology that offers reliable, accurate and fast measurements.

Accurate and high performances NDIR gas sensor

  • Thermally stabilized tank to sample in wet gases
  • Fast and consistent measurements at any concentration levels
  • Offer high selectivity and few interferences
  • Direct flow management
  • Durability: long-term precision and reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Portable design for integration into mobile systems

Applications areas


The measurement of certain gases is necessary for the safety of people

> Alcohol in breath analysis


Certain gases must be monitored during the ripening, harvesting, storage and transport of fruits and vegetables to avoid any quality deterioration.

> Alcohol in fruit ripening processes


Our sensors allow to monitor certain parameters of individuals.

> CO2 in breath analysis

Our expertise: the non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy technology

A non-dispersive infrared sensor consists of a detector that measures the amount of infrared light at a specific wavelength that is absorbed by a sample.

An infrared light passes through the chamber to the detector. The gas of interest causes an absorption of energy at a specific wavelength. This attenuation is measured by the detector to determine the concentration of the gas. The detector is preceded by a bandpass optical filter that eliminates all other wavelengths that the selected gas molecules may absorb.

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