Other gases

The monitoring of gas levels has become essential in various applications: health, agriculture, industry, etc. We develop sensors for all kinds of gases: Oxygen, Carbon Monoxyde, Ammonia, Acetone, Methane etc.

A team of experts dedicated to your project

Our methodology is based on 4 phases that define the entire project.

1. Analysis of the need and pre-study:

We first validate with you the statement of your needs and/or your functional constraints. This phase allows us to start writing the specifications in order to identify the technical risks and prepare the search for technological solutions.

2. Co-development and validation testing:

At this stage, we deepen the study of the solutions and work with you before fixing the specifications. We integrate validation tests to choose the optimal technological solutions.

3. Realization and final validation:

During this phase, we launch the manufacturing and assembly of the parts. We test the equipment internally and then on the customer’s site to verify its performance. The final solution is supplied with its user and maintenance manual.

4. Installation and training:

We deliver the equipment and accompany you if necessary for the installation. Training sessions can also be organized.

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