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 Non-dispersive Infrared Spectroscopy | OCIEngine

OCIEngine is an infrared spectrometer that measures Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in the air. It is specific to analyse a molecule of interest, such as ethanol.

These sensors are specific to analyze a particular gas among those:


  • Thermally stabilized tank to sample in wet gases
  • Fast and consistent measurements at any concentration levels
  • Offers high selectivity and few interferences
  • Direct flow management
  • Durability: long term precision and reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Portable design for integration into mobile systems

Measurement method

Infrared radiation passes through the sensor’s measuring chamber. When air is introduced, the molecules of interest absorb part of the radiation, reducing the intensity of the optical signal. This measurement is then used to calculate the concentration of a specific gas following the Beer-Lambert law:

concentration = log10 (Intensity IR / Intensity zero IR) / Optical Length

OCIEngine gas sensor architecture

Thanks to the heating chamber that is thermal stabilized, the measuring cell can operate with dry or wet gas without condensing and achieve good accuracy. The low mechanical profile and limited power consumption facilitates the integration into final device. Single or dual gas analysis can be selected and adapted to end-user application.

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